About Mary...

Just over 24 years ago, whilst suffering with my mental health, I had a profound life experience which changed the course of my life forever. I was able to see clearly the purpose of my life, (which is not what I thought it was), I saw my karma (of which previous to this I was not interested in such things). I became aware of what karma is (not what you think it is), and how it played out in my daily life. I was also given the tools within which to release myself from this karma and have been sharing it with the world ever since.

We are all working through our karma whether we realise it or not. Once we start to live consciously, aware of our karmic bonds, we begin to untangle that which limits us. We are in truth limitless beings with a creative potential that is equally limitless, but until we release ourselves from our karma, limited is how we will live, limited is how we will experience ourselves, and limited is how we will experience life.

After this experience I found people were drawn to me, wanting to know what I knew. They could see something in me, that was in them too, but they just couldn't access it. This is when my work began, not with any planning or decision making, it just began and has never stopped. It has evolved and is today offered to anyone wishing to find their True Self, looking to dissolve their unconscious programming, to be free of their karma.

To begin your SELF Empowerment Journey take a look at my consultations to see which of my services would best suit you. If you are unsure I would recommend starting with a Karma Reading.