My Book - Who Am I?


WHO AM I -  Self Empowerment Journey (SEJ) Handbook is a valuable introduction to the SEJ Process and a great accompaniment to your SEJ Process training.

As you learn and begin to practice the SEJ Process using the SEJ Handbook, you can bring your questions to the weekly SEJ Practice Workshops.


You can also sign up as a member to get unlimited access to the SEJ Practice Workshops and access to unique members content to support you in your SEJourney.

This book contains:

  • Freedom from suffering - find out how the SEJ can bring you freedom from suffering in all areas of your life.

  • Jacqueline Mary's story - where you get to learn all about my journey from depression to being depression free, and how the process came into existence through my own personal experiences.

  • Discover -  how this process has also been used to enhance the Law of Attraction and other spiritual texts.

  • Prepare - this book will provide you with extra insight and preparation for not only your SEJ Consultation or SEJ Process training but for your whole Self Empowerment Journey.

  • Get a sneak peek - at what you can expect from your consultation or training with client's examples.

  • The Process - you'll get to learn more about the process used during a consultation.

  • Frequently asked questions - some commonly asked questions to further develop your understanding of the process.