What is a Self Empowerment Consultation?


As a fully qualified Consultant I can bring you to empowerment in any and all areas of your life. I do this by

using a process called the SEJ. The process works with children and adults alike.

My consultations are unique in their approach; moving away from traditional 'talking' therapies where you are reliant on a ‘therapist’ to empower, motivate and uplift you. I will show you how you can do all of this for yourself, in essence you are your own therapist.

Traditionally clients have been looked upon as those with the ‘problem’ and the ‘therapist’ as the one with the solution. As a qualified SEJ Consultant I simply guide you to the realisation that you have the solution to all problems, you simply need to learn how to access your own answers, in this you become SELF Empowered.

Book a Consultation

Consultations are available for adults, young people and children. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


They are available online, during the day, evening, and weekends.

​I will begin your Consultation by discussing your current life experience and exploring aspects of your life that you wish to change. Once we have this awareness, I will begin the SEJ Process guiding you through it step by step leading you towards Self Empowerment.

This service can be used in conjunction with SEJ Training if required. 


If you would like to know more about the training or the SEJ Process take a peek at my latest book.


£90 per 1 hour Consultation. 


Bespoke Consultations

A bespoke consultation can vary but may include a 'month of mentoring' for which a fee is set dependent upon the individuals requirements.  A bespoke consultation is for those looking to become empowered but feel a 1 hour session is not enough, contact me for more information and a free assessment.

Contact me or call direct on 07810 026415 to book your consultation.