Karma Reading

"Freedom from karma comes when you 

stop reacting to life and start responding from a place of Truth."

Karma affects everyone, it is not a spiritual interest, but a must for anyone looking to reach their full potential. A Karma Reading enables you to understand your personal karmic structure. Karma presents itself in the form of repetitive and unconscious behaviours and reactions - programming. These behaviours may appear obviously destructive, however many go unnoticed but undoubtedly limit a person's potential.

During the Reading we will address the age old questions of:

What is the meaning of life?

What is the purpose of my life?

What is my karma?

How can I dissolve my karma?

Do these sound familiar?

Do you just sometimes feel like your are going round in circles?

Do you know you have something amazing to share with the world but just can't seem to make it happen?

Do you feel stuck, life is boring or repetitive in nature?

Has life lost it's meaning for you?

Have you yet to understand the meaning of life?

Do you simply wish to be the best you can be, live your 'best life?'

This reading is like no other, and is ONLY for those ready to be awakened to Truth. The reading process is based upon the awareness of Truth that I woke up to over 24 years ago. The truth is, life is on our side and it is only our unconscious programming which we add to daily, without even knowing how or why we do, that keeps us stuck.  We are limitless beings that for the most part live a limited life.

It is time for all of humanity to know it's full potential and to do so we must know what holds us back (karma). During the reading we will explore:

1. What is personally holding you back, your personal Karma.

2. Your highest potential - what your life could be like when your karma is dissolved.

3. Guidance as to what you can do to make the change, to dissolve your karma.

4. How to live beyond your karma and be SELF Empowered.

Cost is £70 per reading, lasting approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Contact me or call direct on 07810 026415 to book your Karma Reading.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only, please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions and Medical Disclaimer prior to attending this service.