Tarot and Divination Readings

"When used correctly tools of divination can provide a doorway to knowing the True SELF"

In the Merriam Webster Dictionary divination is described as:

1 : the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge....

2 : unusual insight : intuitive perception.

This of course is only part true.

The reasons for wanting to know what the future holds are unique to the individual, but may include: feeling uncertain about the present, afraid of the future, or unsure of what direction to take in a particular area of life. We may even want to know that we are moving in the 'right' direction, and a reading can support us in all these ways, and more.

As a Reader that is able to perceive life from a higher dimension I am able to share with the client their past, present and probable future based on karmic patterns. More importantly able to guide the client as to why the probable future is appearing in their reading and how they can change it, thereby becoming masters of their own destiny.


The tarot and oracle provide a doorway to seeing the cycles you are trapped in that create your future. A karma readingtraining highlights the cycles giving you the opportunity to become conscious to them. The SEJ Process enables us to break the cycles.

When we learn the SEJ Process, and understand our Karma we are able to see life exactly as it is from a higher perspective. It is from this higher perspective a reading is delivered.

So, a reading is a wonderful tool to help bring awareness to your life situations and cycles, past, present and future, and to truly empower yourself. To become conscious to your cycles a Karma reading / training is highly recommended, to break the cycles we use the SEJ Process.


I’m looking forward to it (Tarot and Oracle reading), as I have always had really accurate readings from you in the past. I can’t find anyone else who is anywhere near as good as you..."

..."Thank you so much for the reading, as always you were brilliant & very accurate!"

Neil Teasdale - Worcestershire


Cost is £75 per reading, lasting approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Contact me or call direct on 07810 026415 to book your Tarot / divination Reading.

Readings are for entertainment purposes only, please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions and Medical Disclaimer prior to attending this service.